Sep 25

Salty's Restaurant - Alki

September 25, 2015 8:00-4:30 Inclusion – An Inside‐Out Perspective Keynote Speaker: Gayna Williams, MS Ergo/HF. Founder of Swash Consulting and former UX Director at Microsoft. To achieve optimal “inclusive design” and give ergonomists/HF specialists the tools, environment and services they deserve, let’s explore typical systems and challenge how inclusion is supported and managed. Other featured speakers and topics include: • Ergonomics and Enterprise Risk Management: Achieving a better Grip in the New Landscape of Risk Management Lynda Enos, RN, MS, COHN-S, CPE; HumanFit, LLC • Lighting to Optimize Workplace Design Shaun P. Darragh, LC, MIES, Architectural Lighting Designer; Luma Lighting Design • What Were They Thinking! Human Factors Lessons in Design Zach Collins, OTR, CPE, Sr. Ergonomist; Bureau Veritas & Steve Russell, OTR, • Designing the Environment to Fit the Custom Shannon Gaffney, Chief Creative Officer; SkB Architects • IDEA – Inclusive Design and Ergonomics Acceptability Josh Kerst, CPE, CIE, Executive VP/Principal Ergonomist, Focal Upright Furniture