Sep 09


Why should you attend: Meeting regulatory compliance can be a complex task, especially when we are new in the business and get flooded with tons of information from marketers about how to do things right. This is when a clever opinion by a problem solver/opportunity seeker can play an important role in the decision-making process. Answering the following questions can help you to decide whether this webinar is useful for you. Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to solve food safety problems? Would you like to be more cost effective in your food safety investments? Would you like to learn about a better way to compare the different food safety options in the market? Would you like to run your plant smoothly?

Areas covered in the webinar: Food safety risks, Hazards and their characterization, HACCP plans and risk analysis, Food safety management systems and risks, Risk mitigation, Risk control and risk management.

Who will benefit: Food safety managers, food business managers, new product developers, service contractors, compliance officers.

Speaker profile: Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez is an entrepreneur and consultant who manages Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services. His current credentials include Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Professional Agrologist, Certified Food Scientist, Certified Sustainability Professional. He obtained a Ph.D. in Food Science (University of Guelph) and MSc in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Texas A&M University), where his work with colleagues resulted in 10 scientific publications.