Aug 13


Presented By: James A. Levine, M.D., Ph. D. Mayo Clinic In today’s chair- and workstation-based world, sitting has become the new smoking. Dr. James Levine argues that the heart of the problem is the way our modern world works against us by encouraging, and often forcing, us to sit in nearly every aspect of our lives. Drawing on cutting-edge science and decades of research conducted in his Mayo Clinic lab, Dr. Levine will reveal the shocking effects sitting has on our bodies and minds plus explore: • The science behind sitting and its connection to weight gain • Our network of brain chemicals and its power to keep us in our chairs or propel us out of them • How sitting-predisposed brains can cause muscles to become sedentary • The effect of environment on our brain’s neuroplasticity, and how sitting all day actually changes how our brain looks • Forced inactivity and how it hinders young children’s learning abilities • And more!