Jan 21

Online Event

In this OSHA webinar, you will learn the rights and responsibilities for employers under the OSHA Act. For your full-time and temporary workers, you will be provided with the tools to stay compliant with the regulations and avoid penalties. Why Should You Attend: This webinar will address both public and private employers’ rights and responsibilities as described by OSHA, including temporary service workers. The instructor will discuss OSHA jurisdiction, types of OSHA inspections, what triggers an OSHA inspection and explain how an employer can initiate their rights and responsibilities during and after an OSHA compliance inspection of their facility. Learning Objectives: -What are the workers and employers responsibilities and rights under OSHA? -What their rights are as workers under the OSHA law. -What comprises an OSHA inspection? -What happens after the inspection? -The rights of a whistleblower as described by law. Areas Covered in the Webinar: -Introduction of OSHA jurisdiction. -What triggers an OSHA inspection? -How to participate in an OSHA inspection. -What are the OSHA rights for employers during and after an inspection? -What are OSHA responsibilities for employers during and after an inspection? -Practical advice on how to comply with OSHA requirements related to employer rights and responsibilities. Who Will Benefit: -Facility Managers -Facility Supervisors -HR Managers -Safety Managers -In-house Attorneys Instructor Profile: Mr. Michael Aust, is the President and Owner of 1030 Communications, LLC. Mr. Aust has a Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management and is a Certified Environmental Compliance Manager #5678. He has been an Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor since 2000.