Aug 20

Online Event

Why Should You Attend: Major changes in the HazCom regulations have affected the food industry including sanitation and safe chemical storage. During the next four years, the food industry will have to be in full compliance with the changes to the hazard communication standard required by GHS (Globally Harmonized System) of Classification and Labeling of all Chemicals used in an establishment. The new GHS regulation requires an employee to be informed or trained regarding hazards encountered in the workplace. This 60-minute session will cover the major transition from material safety data sheets (MSDS) affecting the chemicals used in food production and sanitation. The goal is to help industry leaders in implementing the new SDS and GHS system as well as aid in the transition, understanding, and compliance with the key regulatory changes. Areas Covered in the Webinar: 1. Various sections of the new SDS affecting food and agricultural products. 2. Access and filing of safety data sheets in food establishments. 3. When to refer to an SDS, (ie. foodborne outbreak, chemical emergency, accident) 4. Deadlines of training and implementation of the GHS system. 5. Transition of SDS and removal of MSDS sheets in a food establishment.