Aug 21 - 22

DoubleTree IAH

Description Methodologies are meant to be improved; sometimes through subtle evolution. Sometimes we must rip apart what we have accomplished to get initial results to find break-through opportunities and deeper, more difficult gains. We must not only change what we do, we must change how we think about our approach. Any approach that generates results and fails to evolve will fail to produce new or additional gains. Stop seeking the answers on how we can effectively manage or improve our Behavior-Based Safety processes; look for ways to transform your organization's performance and culture. It is easy for an internal consultant and team they support to become process oriented. Don't fall in love with the methodology, have passion for great progress and results. Behavior-Based Safety processes are certainly not the final tactic for excellence as they are a situationally-appropriate tool, however they can be much more to organizations when they are focused on results, measure and manage the five key process indicators and become hyper-sensitive to the desire to be exceptionally efficient and effective. Key Points An advanced workshop designed to engage the internal consultants, support their need and ability to: Become more effective and efficient Overcome challenges faced after internal consultant workshop Create new tactics or overall strategies to further their efforts Learn from others on the same journey Translate these tactics to the processes they support Create a legacy: self-sustaining teams and final sustainability of their initiative Workshop Prerequisites: Through either a public or private workshop, attendees must have been trained and certified by ProAct Safety to become an internal consultant or facilitator. Each attendee will be at a different position in the journey towards the creation of safety excellence. The foundation provided in the aforementioned workshop is critical to target advanced tactics and strategies. Absent this foundation, the objectives and discussions in this workshop will be too advanced for the newcomer and frustrating for the others. *Similar to the Lean Behavior-Based Safety Certification Workshop, the only individuals approved to lead these workshops are either Terry L. Mathis, founder and CEO or Shawn M. Galloway, president and COO