Apr 11


Description BBS processes should all be continuously improved. If the same methodology persists a year or later, you process is not as effective and efficient as it could be. This session builds on behavioral processes to establish an excellence strategy framework to achieve and sustain safety culture excellence. The objectives for this workshop include: Provide advanced action plan development and tracking methodologies Models to assess, analyze, measure and improve safety culture Review a strategic framework to better prioritize safety efforts and BBS processes Identify tactics to increase the focus on capturing hearts and minds in safety and breakthrough the current plateau in safety culture and performance New leading and transformative measurement opportunities (Safety Excellence Balance Scorecards and Transforming Safety Performance Dashboards) will be understood for both safety performance and culture Outline of what is needed to internally-develop the Safety Excellence Vision to then prioritize the Goals, Objectives, Initiatives (Dual: Performance and Culture), Measurement, Accountability Structure and Sustainability efforts