Feb 11

Online Event

Why Should You Attend: The expectation of the U.S. Federal Government is that all health information organizations (HIOs)-business associates, clearing houses, third party billers and health insurance providers will ensure patients from undue harm, relative to their personal health records- patient health information (PHI)/(ePHI) and patient identifiable information (PII), by implementing an secure electronic infrastructure and clear and deliberate policies/procedures. This webinar will help you to understand how to implement strategies to insulate your organization from heightened scrutiny under the umbrella of the HITECH Act and the best practices to protect patient data and look to the future of the HIE. Specifically delineate what is “unsecured protected health information”. You will learn the expectations of the HITECH Act relevant to your company’s responsibility. You will be exposed to the background of HIPAA legislation and the ramifications of the HITECH Act as it relates specifically to the electronic storage, transfer and use of patient information. We will discuss procedures that will help strengthen your organization’s technological security in the evolution of electronic patient information in 2013 and beyond.