Sep 10 - 12


The best way to prevent mishaps is to determine hazards and operational problems in advance. Conducting effective process hazard and operational evaluations and taking corrective actions to fix problems are essential for controlling risks and ensuing efficiency. This course will provide practitioners with the skills to evaluate hazards and find problems that could eventually result in injuries, environmental releases, operational upsets, and business losses. The Instructor:  Vice President of Training for Cicero Strategies, LLC, a company that specializes in providing training and services in process safety and occupational safety and health.  Contributing author to The American Society of Safety Engineer’s Handbook  Led numerous investigations and safety studies for the US government, and participated in audits of several chemical plants and refineries.  Worked with clients from a variety of industries such as BP, Exxonmobil, Petronas Malaysia, Titan Chemical Malaysia and etc.. Structure of workshop: Day 1 - Talk about the foundation of the hazard review such as the PHA techniques, the PHA methods, Management System Overview as well as the HAZOP techniques. Day 2 - Talk about the different aspects of HAZOP study ranging from reviewing the scope, selecting the team, conducting the meetings and hazard identification. Day 3 - Talk about various developing recommendation, results developing as well as revising and revalidating studies. For more information, please send an email to [email protected] with subject title “HAZOP-OHS”.