Mar 01

Safety Center Incorporated

Have you heard some of these questions before? "Why do we have to do it this way?" "We have never done it this way, why start now?" "How much is this going to cost?" "Why should we implement this new system/practice/piece of equipment? No one will ever catch us." Do you know how to answer them?

We know you care about getting the work done, getting it done efficiently, and getting it done safely. Do you know how to communicate that with management and employees? The regs are readily available online at a moment's notice, but how do you build a safety culture from the ground up? You've gathered binders full of handouts, attended forums and absorbed all of the knowledge; now, it's time to apply it! Attend SRSF Boot Camp to learn how to walk the talk and talk the walk from experienced professionals who have been in the trenches and have lived to tell the tale. Some of the topics we will be covering include: Sgt. T. Cone at SRSF Boot Camp, March 1, 2012; How to speak with an inspector; How to communicate safety across generations and experience levels to create a cohesive safety culture; How to deal effectively with difficult people through conflict resolution techniques; How to manage stressors and help your employees manage stress to reduce injury and accidents.

We'll have representatives from Cal/OSHA, as well. You'll receive the latest information straight from the horse's mouth.