May 19 - 22

DoubleTree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Studios Theme Park

The Work, Stress, and Health conference series is designed to address the constantly changing nature of work and the implications of these changes for the health, safety, and well-being of workers. This year the conference will give special attention to economic aspects of job stress-which seems especially appropriate given the recent worldwide economic turmoil. Numerous topics of interest to labor, industry practitioners, and researchers are covered in the series, such as work and family issues, workplace violence, long hours of work, the aging workforce, and best practices for preventing stress. Expert presentations, panel discussions, and informal get-togethers with leading scientists and practitioners will provide an exciting forum for learning about the latest developments on the conference topics. We invite researchers, business and organizational representatives, labor leaders, and medical and social science professionals from all disciplines who are involved in research or practice in areas related to occupational safety and health to attend poster presentations, papers, and symposia that address these major topics. And in keeping with our conference theme – Work and Well-Being in an Economic Context - the following issues will be addressed: • Influence of the economy on management and employment practices, the organization of work, job security, and income disparity; • Economic consequences of stressful working conditions and stress-related disorders for employers, employees, and society at large, including costs of illness, injury, disability, and organizational productivity and performance losses; • Economics of stress prevention and workplace interventions, including economic barriers to their implementation.