Aug 24

Online Event

Why Should You Attend: Food buyers, the government and insurance companies are all putting the pressure on food suppliers to become "Food Safety Certified". Anyone responsible for managing the handling of food will soon be required to prepare for and lead employees in their preparation for a food safety audit.Dumping audit responsibilities off on the human resources group is a strategy that will doom the business to failure. Farms, distributors/wholesalers, processors, retailers, packers and restaurants either have or will soon be required to meet buyer, state or federal food safety requirements.Whether or not a food business meets these requirements depends on how the business manages food safety issues and how well the business prepares for an audit. But for different food sellers in different states the questions surrounding what type of audit, who to hire, how to prepare, what to expect, how much does it cost, and what happens if we fail, will the government shut me down, is the data private, and others cause great concern and cause many operations to fear and avoid the audit situation.This seminar will answer those and many other questions and is designed to help reduce anxieties and fears and put food suppliers and buyers on track to cooperatively work on certification and the improvement cycles inherent in good food safety practices.

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