Aug 23 - 25

Sydney Harbor Marriott

IQPC is pleased to present Managing Safety in Construction 2010. This event has been specifically designed to educate safety professionals, project managers, site managers, and any other managerial job function with control over the OH&S aspects of construction projects.

Participants will share knowledge, experience, challenges, and solutions on how to reduce health and safety incidents while increasing bottom-line profitability. Most states face the same challenges in relation to occupational health and safety, from instilling a company-wide behavioral culture toward health and safety awareness to ensuring compliance and ownership of responsibility among contractors, defining the relevant regulations that apply to health and safety in construction, and finding common ground for their interpretation.

The event will share invaluable information from project owners, building contractors, civil contractors, and subcontractors that have developed solutions to successfully manage and overcome these issues. Attendees will be armed with the necessary knowledge to ensure they adopt the best approach to developing a strong cultural attitude to health and safety and that projects are completed above and beyond the expectations of the client.