No Contest: NIOSH's Twitter Page is Best Site Going

I'm hailing the power of social media today. I'm a late convert to this as to nearly all other digital technologies (iPod? Kindle? No thanks. Cloud computing? I'll have to get back to you.), including social media. But allow me to rave about NIOSH's BeSafeIn2010, the name of its Twitter page, which is suddenly my must-see site for finding out what's happening in respiratory protection, research plans and results, hazardous exposures, and even HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' appearance on The Colbert Report.

The impressive numbers back me up: BeSafeIn2010 had 51,558 followers at last check and was following 1,856 others on Twitter.

Whoever is populating this page is doing it right. And in the process, he/she/they are showing me the real merits of tweets, which until now I dimly glimpsed. I know in a flash whether an item is interesting or newsworthy, and the link immediately gets me to more information or the source document if I want it. The NIOSH Science Blog is quite good, but the variety and breadth of what you'll find on BeSafeIn2010 set it apart.

Where are your must-read safety and health pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.? What new social media are you finding and recommending to others?

Posted by Jerry Laws on Jan 15, 2010