OSHA Cites Roofing Contractor for Violations Following Worker’s Fatal Fall

OSHA Cites Roofing Contractor for Violations Following Worker’s Fatal Fall

Sealed Tight Roofing Inc. faces $84,379 in penalties after failing to ensure safety measures.

Hialeah, Florida-based Sealed Tight Roofing Inc.—which also operates under the name Oceans Roofing & Waterproofing Corp.—faces scrutiny and potential fines after a March 2023 incident in which a 28-year-old worker fatally fell 40 feet through a commercial roof in Miami Gardens.

According to a release dated Sept. 22, OSHA's investigation revealed that five Sealed Tight Roofing employees were involved in roof replacement work during the incident. One worker fell through a section of the existing roof while moving a wheelbarrow filled with debris.

OSHA determined the company didn’t provide necessary fall protection or personal fall arrest systems. Sealed Tight Roofing also neglected to install guardrails or covers around holes in the roof and did not ensure the working surfaces were strong enough to support the workers safely.

“Despite the well-known risks of serious and fatal injuries when working at heights without fall protection, Sealed Tight Roofing failed in their obligation to protect their workers’ safety. That failure cost this young worker his life,” OSHA Area Office Director Condell Eastmond in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, said in a statement. “Falls remain the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and we will continue to hold employers accountable when they disregard safety requirements.”

Sealed Tight Roofing now faces a penalty of $84,379, including one willful violation and two serious violations. The company has 15 days to comply with OSHA's penalties, request an informal conference or contest the agency’s findings. It has chosen to contest OSHA’s findings.

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