Change the Rules, #Safety2016 Keynoter Urges

Frans Johansson, author of "The Medici Effect" and founder of Medici Group, was the opening general session keynote speaker at ASSE's conference and expo.

ATLANTA – Attendees packed a hall inside the Georgia World Congress Center to hear the June 27 opening general session keynote speaker at ASSE's #Safety2016 conference and expo. They weren't disappointed as Frans Johansson, author of "The Medici Effect" and founder of consulting firm The Medici Group, explained his concept of Click Moments in the life of businesses. By the time his hour was up, he had explained how ant mounds in Africa inspired the successful design of a high-rise building without air conditioning in Harare, Zimbabwe; why Nokia lost its early dominance of the global cell phone market; how Formula 1 pit crews' teamwork is changing the way surgical teams interact; why Volvo and Audi designed very similar cars based on their customers' different perceptions of their vehicles' quality; and how Microsoft's breakthrough Windows 3.0 product actually was finished. 

"We have the best chance of breaking new ground when we combine ideas in new and serendipitous ways," Johansson said. "It's enough to have just one moment – one moment that can change an entire narrative, can make the difference between success and failure."

"It is the unexpected that makes us stand apart," he said. "Always look for opportunities to change the rules of the game."

Johansson told his audience that he has created a web page,, that offers downloadable tips for creating Click Moments.

Product Showcase

  • Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash

    Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash

    Bradley’s combined Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash is a convenient space saver for tight workspaces. During regular faucet use, the eyewash is stored out of the way. In an emergency, the Halo eyewash is immediately activated when it is swung out 90 degrees over the sink. In less than one second, the faucet is deactivated while the eyewash is directly positioned over the sink for use. Designed with a durable ceramic valve that limits wear on moving parts, this swing-activated model provides dependability and long-lasting performance. 3

  • AirWave


    Say hello to the N95 mask that is so comfortable and easy breathing, it can positively impact worker productivity and happiness on the job. The AirWave’s proprietary pleated design makes breathing easier and comes in multiple sizes with an adjustable strap for a customizable fit. Airwaves also have an ultra-tough Dura-Mesh® shell that resists collapse even in the hottest and most humid conditions. They have a metal-free molded nose bridge that seals easily without a metal noseband for added protection and comfort. It’s official: AirWave is a difference you can feel. 3

  • Safety Knives

    Safety Knives

    The Safety Knife Company LLC has developed a quality range of safety knives for all industries. Designed so that fingers cannot get to the blades, these knives will safely cut through cardboard, tape, strapping, shrink or plastic wrap or a variety of other packing materials. Because these knives have no exposed blades and only cut cardboard deep, they will not only protect employees against lacerations but they will also save product. The Metal Detectable versions have revolutionary metal-detectable polypropylene knife bodies specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industries. machines and is X-ray visible. 3