American Industrial Hygiene Foundation Awards 40 Scholarships

The recipients will be honored June 3 during the AIHce 2014 conference.

The American Industrial Hygiene Foundation has awarded $147,950 in scholarships to 40 students in recognized industrial hygiene programs, and the recipients will be recognized during the June 3 general session at the 2014 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition.

"Thanks to the generous support of the many contributors to our foundation, we were able to allocate $147,950 to fund this year's scholarships," said AIHF President David S. Abrams, CIH. "These scholarships will allow some extremely talented undergraduate and graduate industrial hygiene students to complete their education and encourage promising scholars to enter or remain in the profession. The AIHF will continue to work toward our mission of advancing the profession through scholarships to deserving students at all levels of their education."

The 2014-2015 AIHF Scholarship Award recipients are:

  • Anna Adetona, University of Georgia (Georgia Local Section Scholarship)
  • Teniope Adewumi, University of California, Los Angeles (Northern California Local Section Scholarship)
  • Kikelomo Akintunde, University of North Texas Health Science Center (Ralph Vernon Memorial Scholarship)
  • Walter Aksent, University of Michigan (Ralph G. Smith Memorial Scholarship)
  • Donald Ashley, Montana Tech of the University of Montana (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Heidi Bastian, University of Utah (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Allison Burk, University of Michigan (Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society Merit Scholarship)
  • Alexis Claassen, West Virginia University (Liberty Mutual Scholarship)
  • Ericka Crosley, Air Force Institute of Technology (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Amanda Dean, Murray State University (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Meghna Dhawan, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago Local Section Scholarship)
  • Melike Dizbay-Onat, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Dennis J. Paustenbach Scholarship)
  • Adawale Eniade, University of British Columbia (Jerry Lynch Memorial Scholarship)
  • Katie Eversole, University of Alabama at Birmingham (George and Florence Clayton Scholarship)
  • Nicole Gryska, University of Minnesota (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Pamela Halstead, Millersville University (Philadelphia Local Section Scholarship)
  • Rasha Khalil, Murray State University (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Laura Kienlen, University of Iowa (Clyde M. Berry Memorial Scholarship)
  • Roger Lu, University of Michigan (Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society Merit Scholarship)
  • Gumindenga Mabvuta, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Fred S. Venable/Deep South Local Section Scholarship)
  • Katherine McNamara, University of California, Los Angeles (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Amber Miller, Murray State University (Robert W. Wheeler Scholarship)
  • Levi Mines, University of Iowa (AIHA Local Section Scholarship)
  • Anthony Mixco, Colorado State University (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Kathleen Navarro, University of California, Berkeley (Jeffrey S. Lee Memorial Scholarship)
  • Robert Paulsen, Colorado State University (75th Anniversary Scholarship)
  • Linh Phan, University of Illinois at Chicago (AIHA Scholarship)
  • Casey Quinn, Colorado State University (Los Alamos Industrial Hygiene Scholarship)
  • Rustin Reed, University of Arizona (AIHA Fellows Scholarship)
  • Laura Riley, University of South Florida (Florida Local Section Scholarship)
  • Jennifer Sahmel, University of Minnesota (TSI/Arthur J. Abrams Memorial Scholarship)
  • Eric Saunders, New York University (Morton Lippmann Scholarship)
  • Yuan Shao, University of Minnesota (Gary and Bonnie Olmstead Scholarship)
  • Margaret Sietsema, University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago Local Section Scholarship)
  • Jane Thomason, University of Illinois at Chicago (Kyle B. Dotson Scholarship)
  • Arthur Thurdekoos, West Virginia University (Pittsburgh Local Section Scholarship)
  • Ronald Tomyn, University of Utah (Rick and Carol Fulwiler Scholarship)
  • Eric Ward, Purdue University (AIHF Scholarship)
  • Calvin Wong, University of California, Los Angeles (Lawrence R. Birkner and Ruth K. McIntyre-Birkner Memorial Scholarship)
  • Zachary Zmoos, Tulane University (Robert L. Harris Scholarship)

Scholarships are provided through contributions from AIHA members, individuals, corporations, and local sections.

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