Employees at this Oilfield Facility Use Superior Glove to Remain Injury-Free

Customer: NOVTuboscope
Website: www.nov.com
What They Do: NOV® Tuboscope provides oilfield tubular corrosion control and inspection services with more than 70 years of experience.

Success Snapshot

  • Reduced monthly hand injuries from four to ZERO
  • Saved 45% on bottom line
  • Increased productivity and worker morale

The Challenge

NOV Tuboscope employees are accustomed to hard work and arduous tasks. Before using Superior Glove, the company was spending $3/pair for leatherwork gloves and replacing them almost daily- amounting to costs between $2,000 - $3, 000 per month! Worker were getting a lot of pinch points, puncture wounds, cuts and abrasions. As hand injuries became frequent and costly, it was time to research other glove options. The Health and Safety Engineering Specialist, Christopher, began his quest to find gloves suitable to protect his workers from the grave risks they encountered daily.

The Solution

Christopher T. said it didn't take long before his research led him to find Superior Glove's MXVSB anti-impact gloves. He says it was the "best out of any other gloves. The others didn't perform as well and they cost twice the amount." The close relationship that started immediately with the Superior Glove rep was another thing Christopher said made his job easier, "The thing I like about working with Superior is they really care about finding ways to fix the problem. That stood out to me."

Christopher shared how much these gloves changed the working life at NOV Tuboscope. He has received over 20 suggestion cards from his team in the last month, sharing stories of instances where the gloves saved their hands. Recounting a particularly frightening incident, he told us how these gloves saved a man's hand from crushing. As workers were rolling a piece of pipe on the table, it caught one person's hand between the rack. The pipe weighs 2,800 lbs." He had Superior Gloves on. We took the gloves off; he had no bruising, no broken bones, no torn ligaments. He walked away. Had he not had your gloves on, it would have changed everything. His injury, plus $15,000 to $20,000 to fix his hand, lost time of up to 20 weeks off work... worker morale. The gloves work. They work."

The best part, Christopher says, is the dramatic drop in their injury rating. They previously suffered 3-4 hand injuries per month. Since switching to Superior gloves, they have had none. "Workers feel more confident doing their jobs. I'm glad I found a product that really works." Both the company and the gloves were the perfect fit for NOV Tuboscope's demanding applications.

“When people ask me, I don't hesitate. I tell them I use Superior Glove. I tell them, they're a good company and they have a product that really works.” - Christopher T., HSE Specialist, NOV Tuboscope

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