AIHce New Products Grab the Spotlight

Companies exhibiting at AIHce 2013 displayed a host of new products for optimal worker protection.

MONTREAL -- Software and SDS products to help chemical manufacturers and companies that utilize chemicals are some of the new products that captured the attention of professionals attending the AIHce 2013 conference. The U.S. transition to GHS will reach its first compliance deadline in only seven months, on Dec. 1, the date by which employees who may be exposed to chemical hazards must be trained on GHS. More deadlines follow in years to come. REACH is a far-reaching, complex European standard for managing chemical exposures and classifying chemical hazards.

From sensors to apparel to sanding systems, a variety of new products were displayed on the AIHce floor, including these:

3E Online 7.0

3E Company's Louise Bernstein, product development & European project manager, said Wednesday that the new 3e Online 7.0 version will be released in June 2013 with numerous upgrades from the current version to help customers satisfy requirements of both regulatory schemes. The 7.0 version will have password security, transparency of past data to help customers demonstrate their due diligence, plus multilingual and REACH advancements, Bernstein said.

MSA Automated Test System

MSA exhibited a new docking station here to help end users manage their calibrations and bump tests more efficiently, as well as the data resulting from both. The downloaded data can be analyzed in various ways, including to show readings and other data according to each individual worker. The MSA GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System is an easy-to-use, automated test stand offering high performance as either a stand-alone unit or an integrated portable detector management system, according to the company, which recommends using the electronic calibration gas cylinder holder because it incorporates an RFID chip to track all of the parameters of gas cylinders.

3M Clean Sanding System

3M recently introduced the Clean Sanding System, which offers portable, lightweight dust management with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter bags. 3M proprietary clean sanding abrasive disks and powerful, self-generated vacuum orbital/random orbital sander tools are featured in this solution, a local capture engineering control.

RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian

RAE Systems showcased its wireless area and personal gas and radiation detection solutions during AIHce 2013 in Montreal, including the ProRAE Guardian, a browser-based connected threat detection environment. The company also exhibited upgrades to its family of ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas monitors that include ToxiRAE Pro CO2, which according to the company is the industry's first wireless, single-gas CO2 monitor. It includes an integrated man-down alarm.

Industrial Scientific Tango TX1

The Tango TX1 gas detector is the first from Industrial Scientific to utilize dual sense technology -- twin sensors measuring the same gas input, which means this instrument is 85 times less likely to fail in the field, according to the company. Users can use it to measure CO, H2S, NO2, or SO2, and the Tango TX 1 has a three-year lithium battery that can be replaced by the user.

Westex UltraSoft AC

Westex displayed a progression in work wear with the UltraSoft AC fabric. This one-of-a-kind lightweight material is both strong and soft, catering to the two most important needs of the wearer. In addition to providing comfort, the fabric comes with a lifetime flame resistance guarantee from Westex. It provides protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures, and its appearance improves with each wash.

GrayWolf AdvancedSense Meters

GrayWolf's AdvancedSense meters are both user-friendly and highly advanced. Not only does GrayWolf offer a broad range of sensors, but they also come with numerous productivity tools, such as the ability to take on-site notes, an optional camera for photo or video notes, and a detailed report generator. There are numerous sensors to choose from, fitting the need of any work site.

Air Systems Fume-Air 750

On sites where dangerous welding is a necessity, Air Systems International's Fume-Air 750 is an essential tool for fume extraction. HEPA filtered for hazardous welding operations, the Fume-Air 750 has a 270-degree movement span with a 10-foot arm, making it easy to achieve exact positioning. The arm is shipped completely assembled for quick usage. This fume extractor is perfect for applications where a large flow volume is required.

First Line Technology Individual Decon Kit

This personal decontamination kit from First Line Technology is an ideal for solution for first responders, hazmat technicians, military personnel, and more. It includes a three-layer, inert, flexible, drapable, nonwoven composite substrate for absorbing and adsorbing chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and pesticides. It also has a Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion that removes or neutralizes all known CWAs. With RSDL and Fibertect combined, this kit is the one to have in preparation for CBRN events.

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