Five North American Lafarge Units Join Excellence Club

It recognizes business units that maintain a total injury frequency rate of less than 10 and a lost-time injury frequency rate of less than one per million man-hours worked.

Seven of the 18 business units within Lafarge North America Inc. now have been admitted into the Lafarge Group's Health & Safety Excellence Club, which recognizes units that maintain a total injury frequency rate of less than 10 and a lost-time injury frequency rate of less than one per million man-hours worked.

The company announced July 21 that these five business units were inducted:

  • Eastern Canada Aggregates
  • Eastern Canada Ready Mix
  • Western Canada Aggregates
  • Western Canada Ready Mix
  • Western United States Aggregates

Lafarge is a major worldwide supplier of cement, concrete, aggregates, and gypsum; the company provided building materials used in five new soccer stadiums for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, for example. The month of June was Health & Safety Month at Lafarge, with all North American employees and subcontractors, their families, and local communities taking part in events.

"Health and Safety Month is a specific time where we as a company can focus our energies on finding specific ways of improving our health and safety," said Serene Jweied, communications director for Lafarge North America. "Since 2002, Lafarge has seen a large reduction in the frequency and severity of work-related accidents around the world. We started Health & Safety Month in 2007 to continue this decline and will not be satisfied until we operate in a zero-accident environment."

Activities held during the month included health screening, plant cleanups, and emergency response and evacuation drills.

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