Occupational Health & Safety Launches Successful Virtual Event

Occupational Health & Safety, a leading source for information in health, safety, security, environment, emergency management and government, launched its first virtual event April 7, 2010. More than 1,650 industry professionals registered for the Occupational Health & Safety Virtual Event 2010, and more than 600 attended the all-day event. The event is also available on-demand until July 7, 2010, by registering at www.ohsonline.com/virtualevent.

The Virtual Event 2010 consisted of five live presentations, all of which are archived in the on-demand show. Government Affairs Directors Aaron Trippler of American Industrial Hygiene Association and Dave Heidorn of American Society of Safety Engineers led off the day with their keynote presentation: "Inside Washington Politics." Other presentations included "World's PPE Markets in 2010" by Sanjiv Bhaskar, Global Director, Personal Protective Equipment for Frost & Sullivan; "iNet Control—Visibility Into Your Gas Detection Program" by Jason Wright and Kelly Copeland, Industrial Scientific Sales Development Specialists; "Why On-Site Health Care?" by Stu Clark, Executive Vice President of Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.; and "Remaining Competitive as OSHA Increases Enforcement", by Jim Stanley, President of FDRsafety and former No. 2 at OSHA Headquarters.

"We're very pleased with the success of our first event and are planning other virtual events," said Kevin O'Grady, Occupational Health & Safety Group Publisher. "Occupational Health & Safety is an industry leader, especially in the online category, and virtual events are an exciting, innovative way for us to contribute to the growth of the brand."

Thirteen companies sponsored booths at the event, including Gold Sponsor, Industrial Scientific. Other sponsors were American Red Cross, CardiacScience, Carhartt, Coastal, FabEnCo, Glove Guard, IndustrySafe, Keller Online, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Miller by Sperian, PhysioControl, and PID Analyzers. Occupational Health & Safety partnered with InXpo, who provided the platform technology for the event.

Attendee Judy Teitelman, a product manager for Galeton, said, "This virtual conference is amazing. Very easy to utilize. Great for multitaskers."

"This is a great way to see the vendors, learn stuff, and not spend the big bucks for travel!" commented attendee Richard Hatch, a state safety specialist for the Maine Army National Guard.

Plans are underway for the first virtual event hosted by Occupational Health & Safety's sister publication, Security Products, the leading industry media brand for the global security marketplace. That event is scheduled for September 1, 2010.

Occupational Health & Safety plans to host its second virtual event in 2011.

OH&S Virtual Event Stats

1,651 total registrants
607 total live event attendees

13 Sponsors:

1 Gold – Industrial Scientific
6 Premium – American Red Cross, CardiacScience, Coastal, Kimberly-Clark Professional, IndustrySafe, Miller by Sperian
6 Standard – Carhartt, FabEnCo, GloveGuard, Keller Online, PhysioControl, PID Analyzers

Booth Statistics:

Average time in booth – 4 minutes, 45 seconds
Average total booth visits – 433
Average unique booth visits – 181
Average total tab visits per booth – 51
Average unique tab visits per booth – 36

7 Speakers:

Aaron Trippler, Government Affairs Director, American Industrial Hygiene Association 
Dave Heidorn, Government Affairs Director, American Society of Safety 
Sanjiv Bhaskar, Global Director, Personal Protective Equipment for Frost & Sullivan
Jason Wright, Industrial Scientific Sales Development Specialist
Kelly Copeland, Industrial Scientific Sales Development Specialist 
Stu Clark, Executive Vice President, Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
Jim Stanley, President of FDRsafety and former No. 2 at OSHA Headquarters

Platform technology partner – InXpo 770 N Halsted Street, Suite 6S, 
Chicago, IL 60642 Phone: (312) 962-3774 www.inxpo.com


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