In Case You Missed It: AIHA Debuted New Publications at AIHce 2009

Even if you stopped by the AIHA’s InfoCentral booth last week at the Toronto Convention Centre, chances are good that with all the other activities going on and all the other literature to browse in the Expo hall, some of the association’s newest publications might have escaped your notice. But it’s not too late. The following are three of the titles AIHA debuted at AIHce 2009:

Continuous Monitoring for Hazardous Material Releases
By The American Industrial Hygiene Association and Center for Chemical Process Safety
Stock No: SHWB09-759
Member/Nonmember Price: $69.95

Whether occurring accidentally or through acts of terrorism, catastrophic chemical releases must be identified early to mitigate their consequences. Continuous sensor monitoring can detect catastrophic chemical releases early enough to curb extreme amounts of damage. This book provides guidance on the applicability, selection, placement, use, and maintenance of gas detection systems, detailing the necessity of preparing any workplace from falling victim to a gas-leak catastrophe.

Mathematical Models for Estimating Occupational Exposure to Chemicals, 2nd Edition
Edited by Charles B. Keil, Catherine E. Simmons, and T. Renée Anthony
Stock No: AEAM09-379
Member Price: $70 / Nonmember Price: $95

This newly updated work presents a systematic and comprehensive approach to exposure models and their advantages. Its 17 chapters discuss general principles of physical and chemical models, dermal exposure models, exposure reconstruction, and more. The models are being used more frequently and creatively, as these techniques for worker exposure modeling are improving rapidly, the authors note. This volume is a practical tool for any professional concerned with exposure assessment and management.

The Ultimate CD Reference Series: Noise Edition
Stock No: ENOC09-762
Member Price: $40 / Nonmember Price: $50

Compiled as a convenient tool for those interested in the latest and developing issues of noise in the workplace and the community, this all-in-one reference CD presents more than 100 academic articles, presentations, white papers, and more on noise. Users will find noise presentations from recent AIHce conferences, including PDC handouts, podium sessions, roundtables, and symposia materials. The CD also includes full articles from the AIHA Journal and JOEH, noise telewebs, public domain information from NIOSH and OSHA, and Synergist articles.

For more information, contact Katie Robert, AIHA’s product development manager, at (703) 846-0738 or [email protected]. You also can order a copy of any AIHA publication by calling AIHA Customer Service at (703) 849-8888 and requesting the stock number. The above publications and others also are available online at (click on the "AIHA Marketplace" tab).

Product Showcase

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

    VAC-U-MAX industrial vacuum cleaners for combustible dust, flammable liquid, and reactive powder are ATEX-certified and do not require electricity for operation—only compressed-air. These Intrinsically-Safe Systems come complete with vacuum cover, collection drum, tool kit, vacuum hose, and dolly—and do not release thermal or electric energy which can cause ignition. For more information and RFQ visit or call (800) VAC-U-MAX. 3

  • Bodytrak


    Bodytrak is a data-driven solution fueled by science that’s designed to keep employees safe. The smart safety solution continuously monitors an individual’s response to physiological stress to mitigate workplace risks and provides an alarm system for the user and supervisors to prevent incidents caused by heat stress, fatigue, noise exposure and more. Visit Bodytrak at ASSP SAFETY 2023, stand #609 for a live demo or contact us via to see how we can help enhance the health and safety practices in your organization today. 3

  • Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash

    Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash

    Bradley’s combined Halo™ Swing-Activated Faucet and Emergency Eyewash is a convenient space saver for tight workspaces. During regular faucet use, the eyewash is stored out of the way. In an emergency, the Halo eyewash is immediately activated when it is swung out 90 degrees over the sink. In less than one second, the faucet is deactivated while the eyewash is directly positioned over the sink for use. Designed with a durable ceramic valve that limits wear on moving parts, this swing-activated model provides dependability and long-lasting performance. 3