Industry's First Comprehensive Service in Response to OSHA National Emphasis Program

RWD Technologies LLC, a company that develops and implements organizational performance solutions, announced the RWD energy division, which offers a portfolio of training, documentation and lean services for energy providers.

RWD offers the industry’s first and only comprehensive service to enable petroleum producers and refiners to proactively respond to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) National Emphasis Program (NEP). The OSHA mandate advocates strict chemical hazard compliance, and RWD’s new portfolio of services, systems and technologies enable producers and refiners to plan and develop processes and documentation to keep their facilities safe and in compliance.

Services for the Oil and Gas, Refining and Chemical industry, include:

•    End-user training systems 

•    Enterprise content management 

•    Safety training and maintenance process improvement 

•    Technical operations performance support 

•    Workforce performance improvement and support 

Since the June 2007 OSHA mandate, more and more firms are facing stiff penalties from OSHA as refiners are audited to determine compliance with 29 CFR 1910.119 ( In 2008, two leading refiners have already been cited by OSHA with penalties totaling $101,750 and $169,000, respectively.

Refiners are under unrelenting pressure to maximize production to speed energy to a supply-constrained market while keeping ever rising costs under control. At the same time, regulatory authorities require operators to make needed investments to strictly comply with public safety standards. The NEP directive adds to the pressure by insisting that refinery operators document, follow, and manage procedures that are technically accurate and clear. With a rapidly retiring workforce, resulting in the lack of internal resources, it is critical for refinery management to implement systemic solutions that improve operator productivity and assure regulatory compliance.

OSHA requires operators to review and document procedures that achieve quality, technical accuracy and clarity every three years. If documentation, safety processes, and operating procedures do not reflect recent capital improvements or have not been properly maintained, refiners may face heavy fines. RWD extends the client’s workforce and delivers productivity through a leveraged content management platform, technical services, and process automation tools to enable refiners to efficiently update procedures and manage policies and operations documentation. This ensures that timely reviews are performed thereby keeping in compliance and avoiding heavy fines. RWD can implement and integrate various dynamic authoring and publishing platforms across the enterprise to leverage the benefits of XML-based solutions in a variety of business applications making them “ever” green and enabling a variety of content delivery options, supporting the entire document lifecycle.

Through six-figure penalties and public reporting, OSHA hopes to change industry behavior and address safety issues that have plagued the industry. RWD addresses the culture and resource challenges so producers and refiners can proactively manage compliance issues and quickly implement programs to minimize or eliminate workplace hazards associated with the catastrophic release of highly hazardous chemicals. Refiners can respond now, before they are inspected, and establish plans and strategies to avoid the stigma and expense imposed by OSHA.

Most solution providers offer piecemeal solutions with upgrade services or tools but none offer a comprehensive offering integrated with your work process. With extensive experience in the energy industry and a keen grasp of its complexities, RWD offers a new portfolio of cohesive, collaborative service-based solutions managers need to prevent safety incidents, improve operator productivity, and establish workflows to efficiently manage and reuse content.

By supplementing the workforce and implementing its solution portfolio, RWD enables refining companies to better assess their current needs, standardize their processes, manage their content and ensure optimal safety and reliability in the workplace.

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