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Are You Meeting OSHA's First Aid Requirements?

In this free webinar we'll answer: What OSHA and ANSI standards establish first aid requirements?, What type of first aid supplies and in what quantities are required?, Must you have trained employees on site, or can you rely upon outside emergency medical help?, Must you have an AED available, and if so, what are the requirements?, And other top FAQs!

Duration: 1 Hour

The Basics of OSHA Recordkeeping

In this free webinar, we'll discuss the main requirements of OSHA recordkeeping in plain language, and tools that are available to assist in completing your OSHA logs.

Duration: 1 Hour

Enhance Your Fall Protection Program: Leveraging Technology to Reduce Fall Risk

In this free webinar, participants will be armed with more information about how each technology applies to a modern fall protection program, as well as first steps towards transitioning from today’s status quo.

Duration: 1 Hour

Injury & Illness Recordkeeping: FAQs and Common Violations

During this free webcast, we’ll cover: How to review your OSHA log for accuracy, How to complete your summary and certify it, Posting the summary, Submitting data to OSHA for covered employers, and Figuring out your injury and illness rates.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hearing Protection: Noise Reduction and More

This free webinar will cover the options, considerations and requirements for selection and use of hearing protection. PLUS a bonus: Hottest Third-Party Solutions from Examinetics

Duration: 1 Hour 45 minutes

Assessing Your Business through Workflow Optimization/Assessments

In this free webinar, we will discuss how a Workflow Assessment can improve and optimize your current processes and optimize your teams daily workload., including how to properly transition from paper to an EHR.

Duration: 1 Hour

Visual AI: Five Steps to Greater Profitability in Manufacturing

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how organizations are using visual AI to: Achieve a 4x improvement in worker safety, Improve quality performance by 20% or more, Reduce downtime by as much as 80%

Duration: 1 Hour

Confined Space: Think Like a Rescue Hero… Think Safe.

In this free webinar, we will discuss Emergency Response Team (ERT) rescue training and the importance of changing your ERT personnel from an industrial-safety mindset to a rescue-hero mindset — a higher level of performance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Written Safety Plans: Not Just a Paperwork Exercise

During this free webinar, we’ll look at: Written plan regulations, What makes plans more effective, Written plan benefits and resources, Questions and answers and much more.

Duration: 1 Hour

OSHA’s Top Ten Citations: A Costly Countdown

The purpose of this free webinar is to (1) identify the top ten citations given in the most recent year data is available, (2) compare the results to previous years and (3) provide “real-life” examples of the violations that resulted in these citations.

Duration: 1 Hour

Humanizing Safety: How to empower front-line employees to take safety personally

This free webinar will turn complacency on its head and provide you with a guide to maximizing positive safety outcomes through Patrick Nelson’s methods of Servant Leadership and Forward-Looking Accountability.

Duration: 1 Hour

Safer with XR: Implementing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Corporate Operations

This free webinar will discuss implementation of emerging technologies, with a focus on safety.

Duration: 1 Hour

New Extreme Weather Operational Risks: How to Effectively Assess, Mitigate and Plan Responses

This free webinar will detail how to effectively plan and prepare your organization for increased extreme weather incidents using advanced tools and data including: New projections on extreme weather risks, Ways to proactively assess risk and start planning and mitigation, Identifying best practices across industries, Emerging trends and important news related to emergency management, business continuity and air quality

Duration: 1 Hour

Simplifying OSHA Requirements & Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions

In this free webinar session, we will discuss the “Risk Assessment Matrix,” and how it impacts the decision-making process of those who are charged with protecting workers.

Duration: 1 Hour

Dust Explosions: Different Standards, Different Properties, and Different Precautions

This free webinar sets out a path to gaining a proper understanding of your dust explosion risks, even when the risks presented by your powders are more complicated or difficult to ascertain than usual.

Duration: 1 Hour