On Demand

Navigating the Future: A Workplace Safety Regulations Update

This free webinar will cover crucial updates and insights on OSHA's evolving regulatory landscape, including the 2024 Final Rules, Proposed Rules, and pre-rule work, offering valuable guidance for worker safety professionals to navigate and uphold compliance within their organizations.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Practical AI for OH&S: Understanding and Application

This free webinar cuts through the complexity, offering a straightforward explanation of AI and its practical applications for OH&S.

Duration: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

How can AI Improve Workplace Safety?

In this free webinar you will learn how to define and think about AI specifically for safety, Review some common uses cases for AI and workplace safety and Discover practices for assessing the risk and benefits of using AI tools for safety in your organization

Duration: 1 Hour

Hazard and Risk Assessment, Respiratory Protection During Disaster Response and Cleanup

This free webinar will discuss site safety, including respiratory risks, how to select and safely use appropriate respiratory protection , PPE, and decontamination procedures.

Duration: 1 Hour

Bloodborne Pathogens Terminology: Exposing the regulation one term at a time

This free webinar explores: Definitions of the key terms in the standard, OSHA’s intent, and answers to your questions. The better you understand the terminology, the easier, faster, and less costly your compliance efforts may be. So don’t miss out.

Duration: 1 Hour

AI in Manufacturing: From Data Disorder to Operational Insights

This free webinar will guide you through identifying the most suitable AI based use cases for your business. Join us for this enlightening webinar and embark on a journey to industrial transformation.

Duration: 1 Hour

Building a Safer Workplace: Harnessing Connectivity to Boost Your Lone Worker Safety Program

Join our upcoming free webinar, "Building a Safer Workplace: Harnessing Connectivity to Boost Your Lone Work Safety Program," to learn how you can protect your lone workers and meet safety compliance requirements effectively.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hazard Communication – Past, Present and Future

This free webinar will review the original HCS requirements, the additional GHS provisions added in 2012 and several of the proposed changes that could help better protect American workers.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

EHS Software Solutions - How do we get started?

What does it take to roll out EHS software? Jon Liesmaki, Director of EHS from Harmon Inc. is joined by Jill James, Chief Safety Officer at HSI, and former OSHA Inspector, to talk through the trials and tribulations of adopting a new system, in this free webinar.

Duration: 1 Hour

Turnkey Fall Protection: How to be OSHA Compliant

This free webinar outlines the core elements of turnkey fall protection, its benefits to an organization, and how to find and evaluate potential providers.

Duration: 1 Hour

Are You Meeting OSHA’s First Aid Requirements?

In this free webinar we'll answer: What OSHA and ANSI standards establish first aid requirements?, What type of first aid supplies and in what quantities are required?, Must you have trained employees on site, or can you rely upon outside emergency medical help?, Must you have an AED available, and if so, what are the requirements? And other top FAQs!

Duration: 1 Hour

Simplifying OSHA Rooftop Fall Protection Requirements

Join us for this free training webinar on rooftop safety, where we'll cover critical areas including Access Points, Rooftop Openings, and Unprotected Edges.

Duration: 1 Hour

Are Your Workers Flying High?

With the legalization of medicinal or recreational cannabis, now in 38 states and counting, the fitness for duty of workers on the job is in serious question. This has precipitated a need to review shortcomings in traditional drug and alcohol testing and it has brought a reconsideration of fitness for duty in general, apart from drug use. What’s now needed is a holistic approach to detecting any kind of impairment, regardless of cause.

HazCom, Hazmat, HazWaste, and HAZWOPER: Navigating OSHA, DOT, and EPA Chemical Compliance

This free webinar explores these four major sets of regulations to help you better navigate the basics of chemical compliance. The more you understand them, the easier, faster, and less costly your compliance efforts may be. So don’t miss out.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Hearing Protection: Measuring Noise and Selecting Hearing Protection

This free webinar will cover measuring noise using sound level meters, phone apps, and dosimetry and considerations and requirements for selection and use of hearing protection.

Duration: 1 Hour