Contractor Prequalification from the Contractor's Perspective: A Case Study with ADA Carbon

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This webinar occurred on:  July 21, 2016

Safety is a team effort. It isn't just one person's responsibility, it's everyone's responsibility. Hiring organizations are not just responsible for their own employees, they hold a responsibility for every company they hire. Contractors and suppliers play a critical role in most organizations.

Many organizations have created robust contractor prequalification programs to "vet" contractors for information such as insurance, safety, financial, and more. But this can be met with frustrations from your supply chain. How do you protect your organization and maintain good working relationships with your contractors and suppliers?

Tim Whatley, Corporate H&S Director at ADA Carbon solutions, will provide insight from the contractor's perspective and share their journey to qualifying their own contractors. He has been on both sides of the fence, has acted as a supplier for large corporations that have strict guidelines for compliance, and also has worked with his own suppliers to mandate guidelines for their compliance. This webinar will discuss both the challenges and rewards of contractor prequalification and how to partner well with your contractors and suppliers for success.

  • Why is contractor prequalification necessary?
  • How to work collaboratively with contractors to protect each other's interests
  • What challenges to contractors face when working to achieve compliance?
  • What information is most important to track, and what can you leave out?
  • What are the challenges and rewards of prequalification
  • How do you demonstrate value to the supplier?
  • What are tips for building a program to prequalify and manage contractors

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    This webinar occurred on:  July 21, 2016

Tim Whatley – Corporate Health & Safety Director
Tim Whatley is a Corporate Health & Safety Director at ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC. He is a Certified Safety & Health Official (CSHO) with 28 years of expertise in the field. As a National Registered Paramedic and Ordained Minister with a degree in Biblical studies, Tim is passionate about health and safety and the well-being of those he works with. He has extensive knowledge of compliance with current OSHA, MSHA, and DOT rules and regulations and works extensively in safety management and safety training.  Tim's experience also includes overseeing industrial hygiene activities and security department contractors, and he has vast experience with contractor management and construction projects; his comprehensive experience in workers' compensation management is exceptional. As a focused, results-oriented professional, Tim has been a part of the evolution of seeing health and safety progress from being reactive to the stance of being preventive on multiple levels of disciplines.

Allison Garza – Operations Director, BROWZ
Allison Garza is the director of Operations at BROWZ. During her 11 years with BROWZ she has led the Operations departments responsible for managing contractor accounts within BROWZ. She has managed and overseen the creation of the Supplier Chain Specialist role bringing a single point of contact to contractors. Her additional responsibilities include BROWZ quality control audit team, the data and document processing team as well as the safety program auditing team. 

Duration: 1 Hour