Hugh Hoagland Presents: Specialty PPE in Arc Flash to meet NFPA 70E

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This webinar occurred on:  November 11, 2015

From clean rooms to nuclear facilities to food processing and chemical, there are many PPE challenges which are not addressed in the NFPA 70E standard. How do you deal with these challenges?

Ask your questions and we’ll focus on answering them after covering some of the common specialty questions I get every month. This will be our most interactive webinar this year.

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This webinar occurred on:  November 11, 2015


Hugh Hoagland, is one of the most active trainers and researchers in electric arc protection. His NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.269/NESC Training Programs are used by many Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies including Alcoa, GM, Toyota, Bechtel, DOE, and hundreds of electric utilities. Hugh has performed and developed testing (by original research and participation in ASTM, NFPA, ANSI, CSA, IEC and ISO standards groups) for the electric arc since 1994 and has performed over 50,000 electric arc tests.

Hugh’s publications are numerous in IEEE and safety magazines and he helped invent many arc rated materials used today. Hugh serves as an expert witness and performs accident investigations.


Protective Industrial Products (PIP) is a global leader in hand protection and a key supplier of consumable personal protective equipment. PIP offers a full array of electrical safety products including Novax® Rubber Insulated Gloves , Dual-Certified Coveralls (NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E), ARC Flash Kits (up to 100 Cal), and composite and insulated tools. PIP stocks a comprehensive line of electrical safety products from its three U.S. distributor centers and has in-house testing capabilities for new gloves.

Duration: 1 Hour