Solving Heat Stress Challenges

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This webinar occurred on:  May 6, 2015

Every year, thousands of workers are adversely affected by occupational heat exposure, and many will even die. Though it is a common workplace issue, heat stress often goes unnoticed because most workplaces associate it with employees who work outside during the heat of the summer. But heat-related illnesses can and do cause major problems for individuals who are required to work in indoor work environments such as steel foundries, boiler rooms, bakeries, and even commercial kitchens. In fact, any environment that requires workers to be exposed to excessive high temperatures that are caused by radiant heat sources, contact with hot objects, strenuous physical activities, high humidity, etc. can increase the potential for heat-related illness.

Please join us as we examine how and why excessive heat in the workplace can pose such a serious threat to workers and explore a few precautions you can take to prevent this threat to you and your workers’ health.

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This webinar occurred on:  May 6, 2015


Tom Jacques,

An Independent Consultant who focuses on providing clients with impartial advice to navigate the complexity associated with conforming to chemical legislation related to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and labelling of Chemicals, GHS.

He penned numerous articles about chemical safety and the GHS regulations recently Adopted by OSHA which have been featured in the Occupational Health and Safety, (OHS) and Environmental Health and Safety,( EHS) trade publications.

While serving as the Director Sales and Marketing for the MAXCOM Services Division of HAAS TCM Group International, he conducted numerous GHS training seminars. Hosted by OHS, EHS, ISSA, Learn Something, Health Stream, his seminars provided assistance that enabled companies to utilize the GHS components adopted OSHA to create a safer workplace environment.

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Duration: 1 Hour