Introduction to Injury Case Management

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This webinar occurred on:  February 6, 2014

OSHA proposed a rule last year that would require many employers to submit their injury and illness information electronically, and the agency intends to post it online after removing identifying information. These changes could make recordkeeping a much bigger challenge for these businesses.

This webinar will inform safety and HR professionals about best practices for injury case management, including the all-important documentation.

Attendees should expect to learn:
  • What injury case management is and why it's important
  • The financial and ethical benefits of managing occupational injuries
  • An introduction to injury case investigation and documentation
  • An introduction to injury management techniques

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This webinar occurred on:  February 6, 2014


Mitchell Surovik,
Co-owner of 633 Safety Services Mitchell Surovik is co-owner of 633 Safety Services based out of Rockdale, Texas. Mitchell is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and holds a degree in Occupational Health and Safety. He authored ‘2008 Toolbox Topics,’ an internal publication of Fluor Corporation and has been a contributor to Building Indiana Magazine. He has thirteen years’ experience in Safety Management and for the past five has worked exclusively on mega projects specializing in successful injury management.Ten times, projects Mitchell worked with have been recipients of Flour’s ‘5 Star Award’ for zero incident project and was awarded six certificates of excellence, also while with Fluor. He has personally managed thousands of cases and successfully managed twenty two million man hours without experiencing a Lost Time Incident while working at BP’s WRMP project in Whiting, Indiana. He has established himself as a subject matter expert in injury case management and currently provides injury prevention and case management training. Mitchell’s vision for starting 633 Safety Services is allowing small to mid-size businesses to learn about and benefit from successful injury management typically available only to large global construction companies


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Duration: 1 Hour