Using the Safety Perception Survey to Assess Your Organization’s Safety Culture

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This webinar occured on:  April 21, 2011

Is there a way to identify and quantify the behaviors, attitudes, and other factors that can make or break a safety program? What are the world-class benchmarks by which to measure future safety performance?

Twelve years ago, DuPont adopted the Safety Perception Survey to help answer these questions. Today, data from this survey spans the globe, with more than 620,000 responses covering 69 industries, 41 countries, and more than 3,300 plant sites.

During this webinar, DuPont experts will use this data to explain:

  • How DuPont used this survey and database to gain better insights into what makes a world-class company.
  • How calculating Relative Culture Strength will allow your business to compare safety performance across multiple organizations, identify quantifiable relationships, and make lasting changes to your company’s safety culture.
  • How your organization can overcome the obstacles to enabling sustainable cultural improvements that lead to world-class performance.
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This webinar occured on:  April 21, 2011


Robert S. Krzywicki, Global Practice Leader – Employee Safety, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Global Practice Leader, Employee Safety, DuPont Sustainable Solutions Bob has 29 years of experience at DuPont. In his current role he leads the core Employee Safety consulting business for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. Bob has been with DSS for 11 years and prior to this assignment he held a variety of safety and operations positions at the site, regional and corporate levels. Bob has represented DuPont on national committees such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). Bob has authored numerous trade journal articles and is a frequent conference speaker.

Michael B. Keesey, Global Product Manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Mike has 14 years of experience with DuPont. In his current role, he is the Global Product Manager for DuPont Sustainable Solutions and leads the Safety Perception Survey process around the globe. Prior to this assignment, Mike led numerous projects that created sustainable process improvements in safety and operational sustainability within DuPont. He became a certified Six Sigma Black Belt in 2007.

Duration: 1 Hour