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  • Area Gas Monitor

    Area Gas Monitor

    As the industry’s first direct-to-cloud area gas monitor, Blackline Safety’s G7 EXO instantly connects workers to the worksite without the need to set up mesh networks. Featuring integrated 4G cellular communications and the option for satellite connectivity, G7 EXO continuously streams environmental data to the Blackline cloud. Setting up area monitors has never been easier with drop-and-go deployment and its 100+ day battery life means you can rest easy knowing your workers are protected. Learn more at https://www.blacklinesafety.com/g7-exo.

  • Personal Air Sampling Pump

    Personal Air Sampling Pump

    Casella’s VAPex personal air sampling pump has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapors and gases in working environments. Its intrinsically safe design and remote operation via the Airwave App makes it ideal for modern day sampling requirements in a socially distant world. https://www.casellasolutions.com/products/casella_us_en/vapex-pro.html

  • Helios® Emergency Eyewash Station from Encon®

    Helios® Emergency Eyewash Station from Encon®

    Helios®, the newest addition to Encon’s family of self contained eyewash stations, sports a slender profile for use in narrow hallways and small work areas. Helios® delivers a full 15 minutes of flushing fluids exceeding the ANSI flow rate requirement of 0.4 gpm while the innovative internal rotating actuation valve eliminates the pinch tube/hose assembly for durability and flow control.