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April 2013


  • HAND PROTECTION: Keep a Firm Grasp on Proper Glove Use
  • HAND PROTECTION: Why Is Skin Care Important in an Industrial Environment?
  • HAND PROTECTION: Challenges to Leather Glove Quality
  • FALL PROTECTION: Solving a Loading Truck Challenge
  • FALL PROTECTION: 'I Fell Off the Roof Today'
  • FOOT PROTECTION: Proper Foot Protection Made Simple
  • SAFETY INCENTIVES: Testing a Better Recognition Tool
  • DEFIBRILLATORS & CPR: Unmasking the Certification Mill Problem
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: The Cooler Solution
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Diagnosing IAQ Dangers
  • TRAINING: First Aid Fundamentals
  • INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE: The Wonderful World of Gas Detection
  • WELLNESS: Building Wellness Programs with Impact

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Cover Story

Each monorail uses dual track, allowing two workers to pass each other safely without disconnecting the lanyard from their harnesses. (Gorbel Inc. photo)

Solving a Truck Loading Challenge

By Kevin Duhamel

Bristol Metals explored several solutions and found a way to maintain an effective loading process while creating a safer work environment.


In addition to safety standards, there are numerous components of work boots that impact their comfort and functionality. (Wolverine photo)

Proper Foot Protection Made Simple

By Roger Huard

Consider these important factors for safety and comfort.

The OSHA Best Practices Guide discusses various teaching methods, along with an extensive list of elements to include in a first aid training program.

First Aid Fundamentals

By Jerry Laws

The ISEA First Aid Product Group's members are now working on the 2014 edition of the American national standard specifying minimum requirements for the contents of workplace first aid kits.

Unmasking the Certification Mill Problem

By Ralph Shenefelt

Online CPR and first aid certification is a fast, convenient, and appallingly common sham.

Building Wellness Programs with Impact

By Sonya C. Conner

Rising worker's comp medical costs create a strong case for them.

'I Fell Off the Roof Today'

By Pete Stafford

Those in the construction industry who need to hear the "Safety Pays, Falls Cost" message most are often the ones who are hardest to reach.

Diagnosing IAQ Dangers

By Bobby Sheikhan

Wireless instruments and data aggregation systems offer additional advantages for IAQ monitoring.

If and when the site safety performance score exceeds a pre-determined inspection threshold, the whole site is recognized with a free lunch and a raffle for a high-value item. (Northeastern University/Harvard School of Public Health photo)

Testing a Better Recognition Tool

By Mia Goldwasser, Emily Sparer, Jack Dennerlein

Can we reward workplace safety without discouraging accident reports? Our research points a way forward.

The Wonderful World of Gas Detection

By David D. Wagner

Today's gas detection is not as prehistoric as it sometimes may seem to be. The technology of gas detection is improving, and there are new technologies that will bring new capabilities in the not-so-distant future.

Be honest: How consistent is correct glove use at your facility? Perhaps 35 percent? Maybe 70 percent? As safety, you have to know. (Superior Glove photo)

Keep a Firm Grasp on Proper Glove Use

By Linda J. Sherrard

Consider an ergonomic assessment. You may be surprised at the changes that can be easily made in positioning, workstation design, tool use and selection, and vibration control.

Challenges to Leather Glove Quality

By Jimmy Wu

With higher prices likely to be unavoidable in the long run, the key is to stick with brands one trusts.

Why Is Skin Care Important in an Industrial Environment?

By Tom Wirostek

By taking the right preventative steps to minimize contact with damaging agents and adopting an appropriate skin safety regimen, the risk of occupational dermatitis can be reduced.

The ubiquitous 500W Quartz Halogen work light

The Cooler Solution

By Brian Astl

The dangers of the quartz halogen work light are well known: They can heat up to more than 570 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to ignite paper and wood.


Accountability: A Dirty Word in Safety

By Shawn M. Galloway

Leaders must develop and master accountability to drive excellence in safety performance and culture.

Thinking About Complacency

By Jerry Laws

WMATA's Richard Sarles believes the greatest threat comes from complacency, something I've also heard from SafeStart founder Larry Wilson and others.

Developing a Gung Fu Work and Lifestyle

By Robert Pater

Creatives have custom needs that differ from more "procedural," hands-on contributors. Elevating their mindsets is the name of the game.

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