OHS August 2010

August 2010

  • TRAINING: Hazmat Training: Preparing for the Worst
  • CONSTRUCTION SAFETY: Get Ready for the Turnaround
  • HAND PROTECTION: Cleaning the Gulf
  • HAND PROTECTION: Foundations of Hand Protection
  • PROTECTIVE APPAREL: FR Clothing, Important Tool As OSHA Expectations Rise
  • CONFINED SPACES: Providing a Solid Foundation
  • WELDING: Best Practices 101

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Foundations of Hand Protection

By Linda J. Sherrard

The next time someone at your facility experiences a destructive hand injury, advise all department managers of the status of the injury and the costs associated. Tie it to their bonus pay.

Providing a Solid Foundation

By George Denhard

In many cases, our training is the first opportunity workers have had to use entry equipment and to understand the potential dangers they could encounter in a confined space.

FR Clothing: Important Tool as OSHA Expectations Get Tougher

By Gary Zumstein

With criminal penalties associated with safety regulation looming, many corporate safety professionals are opting to spread worker protection more broadly across their workforces.

Preparing for the Turnaround

By Nate Damro

Here's how to improve the overall fall protection program and prepare returning workers to get back in the fall protection habit.

Hazmat Training: Preparing for the Worst

By Jeff Carman

At the specialist level, trainees are expected to don and doff a hazmat suit. For some, this can bring out anxieties that range from fear of suit entrapment to decreased mobility or visibility.

Best Practices 101

By Bill Gardner, Al Hilbert

The misconception of welding's being a dangerous occupation is largely due to welders who made careless mistakes by not being aware of or not following the recommended safety procedures and protocols.

Cleaning the Gulf

By Jerry Laws

In the same way the demand for respirators challenged manufacturers after H1N1 influenza was declared a pandemic, glove and apparel orders soared once the spill began.


The Year of the Spill

By Jerry Laws

In the end, all of us will pay for this disaster.

Scissoring Through Barriers

By Robert Pater

Move toward "either/and" planning and enlist a scissors approach for significant improvements.