Nov 12


Presented By: Drs. Ing. Paul C. Helder, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Hippus NV

Duration: 60 minutes

European research has found that more than 40 million workers are affected by musculoskeletal disorders, costing organizations $2.7 (€ 2.1) billion annually. A major source of these injuries, as well as many complaints of discomfort, can be traced back to the use of a computer mouse. Drs. Ing. Paul Helder will review the common complaints and injuries found among computer mice users and discuss the many design shortcomings of the mouse. With examples backed by fundamental and field research, you'll understand how mice cause pain and discomfort and discover ways to reduce potential injuries.

Plus, you'll find out how:

  • Gripping, pinching and common hand and forearm angles used with a traditional computer mouse cause pain
  • Alternative mousing devices encourage tautness in the user's forearm
  • Mouse design that supports a user's hand and fingers can provide relief from discomfort and injury