Apr 11


Description Has your behavioral safety program lost its focus? This workshop will provide a boost in motivation and help identify what performance has contributed to or conflicted with your current results. Learn to define KPIs that will help your process stay results oriented. Better understand how to analyze and prioritize data. Improve your ability to develop and track action plans and communicate their focus and progress. Gain a clear picture of how to effectively spend your time by knowing which indicators to measure and where to focus efforts for further gains in process and safety improvement. The objectives for this workshop include: Developing a focus on transformational opportunities. Teaching how to accomplish a Transformational Pareto Analysis that identifies the significant few behavioral and variable leverage points for safety improvement. Developing the capability to focus, develop and prioritize action plans and effectively communicate status and success of efforts. Helping to discovery-learn the most important items to focus on and develop ownership needed in a behavioral approach to safety. Helping to develop measurements of success (leading and lagging indicators). Determining how to create a culturally-shared perception that the site safety committee is successful and worthy of volunteer effort. Creating a successful committee that prompts other employees to seek out opportunities to become involved. Creating a sense of self-accountability among the team for what they need to do to create the desirable results. Creating a team capable of driving internally-led change that produces a significant reduction in incident rates and exposure to risk, but also increases shared-ownership for safety excellence.