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Maintaining vibrating tools is important to lessen the harmful effects vibration causes long term in workers.

Vibration Hazards in the Workplace: The Basics of Risk Assessment

If workers are truly at risk from excessive vibration, steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate that risk altogether, including purchasing new tools that vibrate less and maintaining them to a high standard of performance.

Hair testing is an excellent way to deter employees

Innovative Technology Helps Combat Drug Use

For employers, especially those with workers in safety-sensitive positions, it is critical to identify illicit drug users.

The NIOSH booklet illustrates several pieces of equipment to help workers in grocery warehouses and similar facilities avoid lifting and awkward motion injuries.

New NIOSH Booklet Aids Retailers on Ergonomics

According to NIOSH, equipment showcased in it “may also support a retailer’s growing internet sales that depend on moving large quantities of merchandise often with fewer employees.”

The designation of roles and the responsibilities of the leader and team members must be defined prior to the emergency.

Prepare, Decide, and Act: First Aid & CPR in the Workplace

Failure to act in a cardiac emergency can result in a preventable death.

AEDs available today only require the user to turn the AED on and follow audio instructions when prompted.

Automated External Defibrillators—Deploying Slowly

Two-thirds of SCA deaths occur without any prior indications of heart disease.

Considering that 70 percent of hand injuries are sustained by gloveless workers, it’s obvious that getting workers to wear protective gloves is a key issue.

Gloves That Fit the Worker and the Job

Match the level of cut protection to that of the immediate hazard level at hand.

OSHA: Management Ignored Hazards and Worker Fell into Acid-filled Tank

The accident occurred at an auto parts manufacturer in Pell City, Ala.

Area monitors do not have a "range," but manufacturers can recommend how far apart they should be spaced, given the gas hazards that may be present.

Respiratory Protection in Extreme H2S Environments

Given the health hazards caused by H2S, it is of the utmost importance to select a respirator that allows for appropriate protection based on the work environment and correlating standards and guidelines that vary globally.

Detail every process that could possibly create the situation where an eye injury could occur—not just high-hazard items such as grinding or welding.

Hidden Benefits of Vision Protection Programs

This is an essential PPE category, of course. Leadership from the top and from the employee ranks is vital for maintaining a successful program.

There is a growing global push toward hazardous location competency training.

Temporary Area Monitoring 101

Area monitors can be placed to create a buffer between hazards and people, so they know what they are heading into or what is coming their way.

Indianhead Biomass Services Cited Following Explosion

It was the second explosion in four months at the plant, according to OSHA.

Malaysia Declares Flight 370 Disappearance an Accident

The 239 passengers and crew on board have been declared dead, but the recovery operation continues.

OSHA Says Warehouse Workers Faced 'Electrical Nightmare'

An OSHA inspection led to more than a dozen serious violations against Xpedited Services LLC.

The department has identified more than 1,000 contacts from the initial group of identified measles cases in Arizona.

Super Bowl Activities Occurring Amid Measles Outbreak

The Arizona Department of Health Services' director issued a call to action Jan. 28, asking all Arizonans to be up to date on their vaccinations. He reported more than 1,000 contacts have been identified for the seven measles cases in Arizona as of that date.

OSHA Cites Idaho Steel Tank Manufacturer

Caldwell-based Superior Steel Products Inc. did not protect employees from hazards related to the use of forklifts, and OSHA investigators also discovered confined space, flammable liquid, and respiratory hazards, according to an agency news release.

OSHA Finds Welders Were Unaware of Explosive Fumes before Blast

The blast killed a temporary worker and critically injured another.

OSHA, BCSP Form Alliances with Associated General Contractors of America

The two agreements apply to construction workers in San Antonio and to workplaces nationwide.

Dr. Richard Compton Receives 2015 Robert F. Borkenstein Award

The National Safety Council cited his research on human factors and programs to reduce impaired driving casualties.

Blast Kills One at Fireworks Storage in Pittsburg, Kansas

OSHA has cited Lone Star Management following the accident.

The free, web-based program will train health care providers on proper donning of PPE, safe removal of gear, and active monitoring skills.

WHO Director's Ebola Report: Set up Dedicated Fund for Rapid Response

Dr. Margaret Chan said "well-functioning health systems are the cushion that keeps sudden shocks from reverberating throughout the fabric that holds societies together, ripping them apart."

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