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NYT's Ebola Coverage Wins International Reporting Pulitzer

The team documented how experts mistakenly thought the epidemic in West Africa had been halted last year, but the outbreak continued and has claimed more than 10,700 lives in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

200 Evacuated After London Building Collapse

Fire crews responded Monday afternoon after most of the six-story building collapsed.

Benetton Group Ups Rana Plaza Fund Contribution

The Italian company and WRAP, an NGO focused on social compliance through global supply chains, say the fund to aid victims of the 2013 building collapse in Bangladesh may exceed the $30 million goal.

DOT Order Limits Speed of Crude Oil Trains

Two safety advisories list the types of information carriers and shippers must make available immediately to emergency responders and to investigators at an accident scene.

The EEOC proposed rule spells out and limits how employers can use incentives or penalties to encourage employees to participate in workplace wellness programs.

EEOC Publishes Major Rule on Wellness Incentives

The proposed rule says an employer may offer incentives up to a maximum of 30 percent of the total cost of employee-only coverage, "whether in the form of a reward or penalty," to promote an employee's participation in a wellness program that includes disability-related inquiries or medical examinations, as long as participation is voluntary.

USFA Releases Safety Culture Change Report

The "National Safety Culture Change Initiative" report provides a basic understanding of the fire and emergency service culture, identifies individual and organizational behaviors that positively and negatively impact health and safety, and highlights areas for change by raising awareness about unsafe practices.

OSHA and the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication Renew Alliance

The alliance aims to reduce and prevent workers' exposure to chemical hazards.

LA Transit Agency Halted Crenshaw Line Construction After Safety Violations

The shutdown began Thursday and work resumed Monday. It was the first construction suspension of its kind in Metro history and comes as the light-rail line's contractor, Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors, is ramping up heavy construction.

$4M in Training Grants for Veterans Available

The money comes in the form of job-driven grants to help more than 2,000 veterans overcome homelessness and secure employment.

Two cooling towers at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Nuclear Compensation Convention Takes Effect

It is intended to increase the amount of compensation available in the event of a nuclear accident through public funds to be made available by the contracting parties.

Obama Seeks Public Comment on Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The WIOA is the first major reform to federal job training programs in more than 15 years.

Another Warning About Coal Tar Sealant

The U.S. Geological Survey's latest study showed rainwater runoff caused 100% mortality to minnows and water fleas, which are part of the base of the food chain.

NSC Calling for Rising Stars of Safety Nominations

The rising stars are considered the next generation of safety leaders.

Members of the public can use the app

FEMA Adds Weather Alerts Feature to Free App

"This new feature empowers individuals to assist and support family and friends before, during, and after a severe weather event," said Craig Fugate, FEMA's administrator.

Vaccine Exemption Bill Prompts Threats

California State Sen. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, and Sen. Ben Allen introduced SB 277 to abolish the personal belief exemption that allows parents to opt their children out of vaccines in schools.

South Korea Orders Review of Pilots After Jet Incident

The nation has ordered the review of qualifications for all of the pilots of Airbus A320 passenger jets.

MSHA Issued 121,646 Orders and Citations Last Year

Preliminary data for calender year 2014 show 11 fatalities in 2014 involved mine contractors, up significantly from four contractor deaths the previous year, and the highest increase was in the metal and nonmetal sector.

Workplace Fatalities Rising in Idaho

2014 was considered an especially bad year for Idaho farm deaths.

According to OSHA

OSHA Seeking Input on Tower Workers' Safety

The agency is asking the industry for information on the types of hazards that communication tower workers encounter, the types of incidents (both fatal and non-fatal) that occur as a result, and the best methods employers can use to address the hazards.

BART Fatal Accident Report Closes Book on 2013 Deaths

The National Transportation and Safety Board report concludes that the deaths were the result of BART rules that made the workers responsible for their own safety. BART immediately changed its rules after the tragedy and later followed other recommended changes.

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