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  • HSE Sounds Alarm About Construction Hazards


    The agency's inspectors served more than 200 stop work notices during a month-long inspection initiative. The most common failure they found was employers' not providing basic safety measures for employees working at height -- 42 percent of all enforcement notices served cited this.

  • Employee Protection: The Hierarchy of Controls

    "If we move the controls away from the machine, we can put them into a small, environmentally controlled booth. That way, I am protected from all of the smoke, noise, heat, and vibrations, but I can still see the operations of the machine." (Barry R. Weissman illustration)

    "Replace the methylene chloride with any of the newer paint strippers that are less toxic, and your employees are able to work safely."

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  • GasAlertMicroClip XT

  • GasAlertQuattro




  • Philippines: Bringing Electricity Back after a Natural Disaster

    This GE Power & Water video posted in January 2014 shows how, in Bogo City, Philippines, electricity linemen have become heroes. Philippines electricity company DESCO President Sherwin Mendiola talks about the need for electricity to support recovery efforts after a natural disaster and to save lives.

  • City Technology 2013

    This video showcases the City Technology facility in Portsmouth, UK. City Technology is a global market leader in the manufacture and sale of innovative and reliable gas sensors for use in personal and fixed life safety systems.

  • AIHA Thought Leaders: Susan Ripple

    Susan Ripple, MS, CIH, speaks about the development and progress during her career of occupational exposure limits and the role of industrial hygienists in risk management strategies.

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