Safe & Drug-Free Workplaces: Under Attack by the Marijuana Industry - Advanced Level

As state laws change pertaining to both medical and recreational marijuana, one thing has become clear: the Marijuana Industry wants workplace drug testing out of the picture. In fact, it is among their list of stated goals.  Lawmakers are rushing to cooperate with creating a consumer base for marijuana tax revenues rather than protecting public health and safety.

But at what cost?  Now there are proposed bills at the federal level that could throw a bigger wrench into drug & alcohol policy enforcement. Jo will give an update on this ever-changing landscape and what it means for the safety industry long-term.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:

Jo McGuire is as an advocate, speaker and writer for safe and drug-free workplaces, families and communities as the founder and President of Five Minutes of Courage. She also serves as the Senior Project Manager for TSS Inc, a workplace screening services provider, specializing in workplace drug and alcohol policy writing. Jo was appointed as a member of the Taxation, Banking & Civil Law workgroup for the Colorado Governor's Task Force to regulate Amendment 64 in Colorado due to her expertise in the field of workplace drug and alcohol testing. She is a national conference speaker, published author, and a founding affiliate of Colorado's Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

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Duration: 90 Minutes