Making the Right Moves to Prevent Strains and Sprains: The Role of Management and Movement in Preventing Soft Tissue Injuries - Advanced Level

Soft-tissue injuries plague many organizations. Everyone who moves, lifts, pushes, and/or pulls at work is potentially at risk. Further compounding this, these injuries also have other difficult-to-control factors like aging, at-home exposures and personal characteristics of physiology, fitness, balance, reach, etcetera. When faced with potentials for soft tissue injuries, design or re-design solutions should always be the first option. However, many workplaces have tasks where it is not currently feasible to design out cumulative trauma exposures due to: physical limitations, fiscal obstacles, exposure to the elements, tasks performed on others’ sites, no cost-effective or technological engineering solution available, and off-work contributors, to name a few.

But numerous organizations have reduced these injuries by up to 80% - but only by going beyond “typical” approaches. Through adopting the right leadership strategies and developing individual worker’s skills, these organizations have been able to drastically reduce these common injuries - while simultaneously boosting worker engagement. This session highlights specific examples and tactics that can actually help your organization prevent soft-tissue injuries. If others can be this successful, so can your company!

  • Identifying strengths and limitations of current approaches (why are we still having these injuries?)
  • Overviewing practical Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets for real prevention of soft-tissue injuries
  • Structuring it in: Putting key skills into place
  • Examining organizational reinforcement strategies that are efficient, effective and sustaining
Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:

Ron Bowles

Ron is Director of Operations, MoveSMART®/Strategic Safety Associates. He began his career as a safety professional in 1987. Ron first received training in Human Factors and Ergonomics at the USC School of Safety and Health Management in the late 1980’s. Ron has trained thousands of peer and professional Instructor-Catalysts in the MoveSMART® system for preventing strains and sprains, slips/trips/falls and hand injuries, implemented in over 60 countries. He also specializes on helping organizations implement and sustain successful safety processes. Ron emphasizes finding and developing "real-world" solutions to safety and ergonomic challenges. Ron has written several articles for Occupational Health & Safety and Professional Safety and has keynoted and presented at numerous national safety conferences.

Clients include: Alaska Airlines, Amtrak, ArcelorMittal, BMW, Cummins, Domtar, Dynegy, Halliburton Energy Services, Hawaiian Airlines, Hills Pet, Honda, Invenergy, Kinross, Layne Interliner, Martin Brower, MSC Industrial Supply, Nissan, ONEGAS, Portland General Electric, Sembawang Shipyard Singapore, Therma-Tru, United Airlines, U.S. Steel and many others

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Duration: 90 Minutes