“Boomeranging”: Strategies for Revitalizing an Aging Workforce - Advanced Level

Aging workforces are here now - and becoming more so in many companies throughout the world. Unless leaders make the right adjustments, this demographic shift could adversely affect Safety receptivity and worsen injury frequency and severity (especially strains/sprains, slips/trips/falls and those related to the ability to shift attention.) But studies show that workers who are “young at heart" are more productive, efficient and last longer at work. With the right approach, many otherwise deteriorating characteristics associated with aging can be dramatically slowed and even turned around with strategies designed to “youthify" workers, physically and mentally. Experience has consistently shown that younger thinking, and more important, younger acting workers of any age can indeed become more sure-footed, agile, receptive, alert, motivated, creative and energized.

  • Identify mental and physical potential affects of aging on safety, productivity and motivation when left unchecked
  • Discuss the hidden advantages of aging workforces and how to extend them
  • Review 3 integrated leadership strategies for “youthifying” your workforce
  • Discuss 5 specific aspects of aging that can be turned around for greater safety and overall effectiveness
Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:

Robert Pater has written a monthly column for Occupational Health & Safety magazine for the past 11 years. Additionally, this is Robert Pater’s 7th advanced webinar for OH&S Academy.
He is Managing Director and Founder of the MoveSMART® system for preventing strains and sprains, slips/trips/falls and hand injuries - implemented worldwide in over 60 countries. Emphasis is on simultaneously elevating Safety performance, leadership and culture. In addition to training peer Catalysts, they have worked with senior leaders in numerous organizations to raise Safety leadership.
Clients include:  ADT, Airgas, Alaska Airlines, Alcoa, American Airlines, American Electric Power, Amtrak, ArcelorMittal, Bell Helicopter, BHP Billiton, BMW, BP, Centerpoint Energy, Cummins, Detroit Edison, Domtar, Dynegy, FMI, Harley-Davidson, Hawaiian Airlines, Hess Oil, Honda, Imerys, International Paper, Kinross, Marathon Oil, Meggitt, Michelin, MSC Industrial Supply,  Nissan, ONE Gas, OrbitalATK, Portland General Electric, Pitney Bowes, Reyes Holdings, Sellafield Sites (UK), Sembawang Shipyard (Singapore), Textron, Therma-Tru, Tucson Electric, United Airlines, U.S. Steel, WestRock, and many others. Much of their work has been with aging workforces in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Robert writes 2 magazine columns:  bi-monthly for Professional Safety, in addition to his monthly Occupational Health & Safety column.
His articles have also appeared in many other business and Safety magazines and he has also keynoted numerous corporate conferences.  
His leadership book, Leading From Within, has been published in 5 languages

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Duration: 90 Minutes