Drive Your Future Safety Program From The Past - Intermediate Level

This session is about using the past to drive your future. Back to the Future is impossible … or is it?
Do we rely on past performance to predict the future? Before you answer, ask yourself if you verified the safety performance of the last vehicle you rode in. For most of us, we  trusted that it would be. The question is then, why did we place our trust in this certain uncertainty?

Join us as we decode the secret and demonstrate how you and the organization can leverage this phenomenon to build superior performing teams and safety programs… from the past.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:
J.A. Rodriguez Jr.
, CSP, is the CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC, a global Fortune 100 senior manager, an elected Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association Board member, a credentialed safety instructor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a U.S. OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Special Government Employee, an American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional member, a Board Certified Safety Professional, a patented inventor, an engineer, and a writer for several industry publications and social media outlets, including several ASSE practice specialty publications and LinkedIn.

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Duration: 90 Minutes