Help the “Bulletproof” Employee Make the Safety Connection - Advanced Level

We all know that some employees are simply willing to take risks seemingly as if they could never be injured by their actions. No way, no how, can’t happen! But did you know that securing an understanding about why these employees elect to take these risks can make a difference in significantly altering their “unsafe” decision making process? That often, the way we approach these individuals could actually be contributing to the risky behavior and that the biggest challenge to turning this situation around is not what you might think. Each of us lives in a world that is viewed differently, is seen from often opposite/opposing vantage points and is brought to life by our biases and values. The question is: how can we influence those that are otherwise influenced to engage in risky behavior?

“Help the ‘Bulletproof’ Employee Make the Safety Connection” is about helping you inspire conformance through influence, awareness, and definitively through the identification of the harmful and helpful biases we all have; some of them buried deep within us. We will explore how most of us make sense of the world around us so that we can then make better sense of the world around others. “Bulletproof” employees have a distorted view of the world, are reckless, insensitive, and non-conforming… or are they?

Join us for this highly energetic and informative webinar and discover how you can effectively arm yourself and your organization with the tools needed to encourage “engagement by choice”, to approach this issue from a different perspective, to develop a strategy designed to discover why “bulletproof” employees behave the way they do, and to ultimately to drive safety excellence in this area by design. Learn how to help these employees make the right connection to the right behaviors at the right time.

We will also analyze real life examples of “Bulletproof” employee injuries and their impact on the overall organization.

Dare To Think Differently.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:
J.A. Rodriguez Jr.
, CSP, is the CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC, a global Fortune 100 senior manager, an elected Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association Board member, a credentialed safety instructor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a U.S. OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Special Government Employee, an American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional member, a Board Certified Safety Professional, a patented inventor, an engineer, and a writer for several industry publications and social media outlets, including several ASSE practice specialty publications and LinkedIn.

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Duration: 90 Minutes