High-Performance Ergonomic Leadership - Advanced Level

Ergonomics is much more than what most people think. To achieve high-performance results on multiple levels, it’s critical to approach ergonomics from a leadership, not just “technical” perspective.

The bottom line: Statistics reveal that ergonomic injuries - typically soft-tissue injuries (strains and sprains to the back, shoulders, neck and other areas) - are by far the leading cause of safety problems for many companies. They are common and costly:

Common: According to the 2016 Travelers (Insurance) Injury Impact Report, strains and sprain were 30% of all workplace injuries between 2010-2015.

Costly: The 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index lists strains and sprains accounting for 34% of all direct workers' compensation costs - and this doesn’t include significant additional indirect costs.

And the reality may be even worse than the statistics:

  • Aging workforces - which are only increasing - have strains and sprains as their bane.
  • These injuries frustratingly bring down overall safety records and performance
  • Ergonomic injuries can affect a wide swath of people in the organization - including executives, office personnel, as well as “physical” workers.
  • They have roots in off-work and at-work activities - and the typical default prevention approach of “design” minimally applies to at-home exposures or when workers work outside, in the field, or on others’ turf.

Clearly, after years of disappointing results, an expanded approach is needed, in addition to that of just “design." As in most organizational arenas, strong, systematic leadership is needed to achieve breakthroughs in performance. The experiences of numerous companies have shown it is possible to achieve eye-popping results in ergonomic safety through an effective leadership approach. This seminar will offer strategies that have worked with numerous companies worldwide.


  • Most overlooked reasons why ergonomic leadership is critical to elevating overall performance and culture
  • Removing the blockages to higher performance: Identifying 7 ergonomic leadership mistakes that prevent prevention
  • The power of ergonomic persuasion - why it’s essential to motivate - and how to help people think and act more “ergonomically"
  • Making a real difference: Proven strategies for leading ergonomics for greater trailing and leading indicators

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

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About Our Presenter:

Robert Pater is Managing Director of Strategic Safety Associates & creator of the MoveSMART® system for preventing strains and sprains, slips/trips/falls and hand injuries - implemented worldwide in over 60 countries. Emphasis is on simultaneously elevating Safety performance, leadership and culture. In addition to training MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalysts (peer change agents), they have worked with senior leaders in numerous organizations to elevate Safety leadership, performance and culture.
Clients include: 3M, ADT, Airgas, Alaska Airlines, Alcoa, Alliant Techsystems, American Airlines, American Electric Power, Amtrak, Bell Helicopter, BHP Billiton, BMW, BP, Centerpoint Energy, Detroit Edison, Domtar, Dynegy, FMI, General Cable, Halliburton, Harley-Davidson, Hawaiian Airlines, Hess Oil, Hills Pet, Honda, International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, Kinross, Marathon Oil, Mead Westvaco, Meggitt, Michelin, MSC Industrial Supply, Nissan, NY State Electric & Gas, ONE Gas, Panama Canal, Portland General Electric, Pitney Bowes, Premier Power (Ireland), Reyes Holdings, Sellafield Sites (UK), Sembawang Shipyard (Singapore), Southern Nuclear, Textron, Tokyo Electron, Therma-Tru, Tucson Electric, United Airlines, U.S. Steel, Vestas, Vigor Industrial, Wacker, Xerox, and many others.
Robert writes two magazine columns: monthly for Occupational Health & Safety and bi-monthly for Professional Safety. His leadership book, Leading from Within: Martial Arts Skills for Dynamic Business and Management, has been published in five languages.
His articles have also appeared in Safety+Health, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, Safe Workplace, Occupational Hazards, World Safety Journal, Compliance, The Self-Insurer, HRMagazine, Personnel Administrator, Nation’s Business, and many others.
Presentations: Robert has keynoted numerous corporate and international conferences and appeared on CNN, ABC World News and in many television, radio shows and printed journals.

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Duration: 90 Minutes