The Hidden Connection Between Engagement & Safety…Discover the Path to a Safer & Healthier Workforce.

This Webinar occurred on May 20, 2010 at 2:00 P.M. EST.

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Safety professionals are used to taking a direct approach to deal with safety challenges (training, equipment, meetings, etc.) The next step for companies is to fully understand the importance of employee engagement in driving safer performance and to understand how to use tactical tools like wellness programs and communications campaigns to achieve better results.

Making and strengthening the employer/employee connection is vital to achieving an outstanding safe & healthy culture. Few things help organizations make that connection like focusing on engagement. During this session you will:

  • Learn why engagement is the key to driving safe behavior
  • Learn the benefits of utilizing a wellness program to foster engagement and improve safety
  • Learn how to brand and communicate your programs to drive maximum engagement and success
  • Receive information about resources and potential partners

Watch this Webinar On Demand.

The strategies highlighted in this session represent the most proactive tools available for companies with an average to good safety culture that wish to move to a great safety culture.

Speaker: Brian Galonek, President of All Star Incentive Marketing and ASSE member

Mr. Galonek is one of only 35 Certified Professionals of Incentive Marketing, and the former President of the Incentive Technology Council. All Star Incentive Marketing is a 40+ year old company, one of the nation’s top suppliers of safety incentive programs, and a past winner of the IMA ”Circle of Excellence” award for best safety incentive program.

Duration: 1 Hour