Can Behavior-Based Safety Transform a Safety Culture?

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Topic: Can Behavior-Based Safety Transform a Safety Culture?

Can you teach an old dog a new trick?

For 25 years, Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) has proven to be an effective tool for the reduction of workplace accidents. With some simple yet meaningful modification, BBS can become an extremely effective tool to create, coach and achieve sustainable safety culture excellence. The great news: This can happen in a short amount of time!

Terry Mathis, author and safety culture practitioner of a thousand safety culture change and BBS initiatives, will provide examples of how to:

  1. Develop self-actionable strategies to better understand your safety culture.
  2.  Implement a new Results-Based (Lean) BBS process, or modify an existing one that directly begins to positively shape and transform your safety culture.
  3. Utilize elements of a behavioral-coaching approach to help shape safety culture, without the requirement of a full BBS process.
  4. Truly integrate this tool into the culture and thus ensure sustainability of a positive transformation.

Terry L. Mathis CEO, ProAct Safety, Inc.

Terry L. Mathis is a former Director of Training for Coca-Cola where he developed several new innovative approaches to safety. He has since worked for two of the major safety consulting companies before starting ProAct Safety, Inc. (formerly Integrated Performance Technologies), in 1993.

He is a veteran of over 900 safety improvement projects in 23 countries and 21 languages, has spoken at ASSE, NSC, numerous company and industry conferences, and is a regular presenter at Seminar Fest. He is a professional member of ASSE.

A Q&A session was held during the last 15 minutes of the Webinar.

This live webinar orginally took place on March 25, 2009.

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Duration: 1 hour