Are Injuries Your Money Pit?

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Webinar Topic: Are Injuries Your Money Pit?

Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 

Time: 2 PM (EST), 11 AM (PST)

Presenter: Frank Pennachio, Sr. Consultant, Injury Management Partners

Fee: $59.95

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Have you ever heard the following in your organization: "That's Safety's job!" or "It's a Human Resources issue" or even "The Risk Manager takes care of that!"

In this presentation we will explore the challenges present when these three departments do not work in concert with one another. It is not unusual for "turf issues" to emerge over time, which ultimately erodes the effectiveness and success of each department and the expedient recovery of the injured employee.

Ultimately all three departments have among their objectives to reduce the number, cost and duration of employee injuries. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the perils of a fragmented approach to injury management as well as learn how to successfully integrate department strategies in order to achieve overall success for their organization.

If your responsibilities include preventing injuries or managing the financial, medical and legal aspects of them, you won't want to miss this presentation.

About the Presenter:

Frank Pennachio is a senior consultant and trainer for Injury Management Partners, a consulting and business development firm that specializes in developing products and services designed to reduce the number, cost and duration of employee injuries.

Pennachio is a frequent contributor to professional journals and has written dozens of articles on issues related to the proper management of workers compensation contracts. He is passionate about empowering employers and improving their injury management outcomes.

About Injury Management Partners:

Injury Management Partners consults with both employers and independent employer consultants. They have partners in four states who help clients to identify workers' compensation cost drivers and to implement processes and programs to improve injury management outcomes. The firm is located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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