Building Your Bridge to Safety Culture

Topic: Building Your Bridge to Safety Culture

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Building Your Bridge to Safety Culture Excellence

Is an excellent safety culture the chicken or the egg? How do you truly weave safety into the fabric of cultural activities? How do you integrate safety initiatives so they synergize rather than compete for resources? How do you ultimately build the bridge between your current results and true world-class excellence? “The last frontiers of safety excellence can only be crossed by organizations with mature and highly functioning safety cultures.” – Terry Mathis

This seminar explores the integration of cultural formation in the overall picture of safety excellence efforts. The Founder and CEO of ProAct Safety, the Global Leader of Safety Culture Excellence, Terry Mathis, will provide actionable strategies gained from experience innovating safety excellence with more than 125 organizations and 900 global engagements. Learn how to define the tools, the processes, the timetables, and the range of options for creating a truly exceptional safety culture, which produces truly excellent safety results.

Terry L. Mathis, CEO, ProAct Safety, Inc.

Terry L. Mathis is a former Director of Training for Coca-Cola where he developed several new innovative approaches to safety. He has since worked for two of the major safety consulting companies before starting ProAct Safety, Inc. (formerly Integrated Performance Technologies), in 1994. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Communications and has pursued graduate work in Instructional Technology and Organizational Psychology.

He is a veteran of over 700 safety improvement projects in 18 countries and 12 languages, has spoken at ASSE, ASSE’s Regional Conferences and Seminar Fest, National Quarry Safety Association, Human Resource Safety Conference, and various other safety and training functions. He is a professional member of ASSE.

This live webinar took place on Wednesday, September 10, 2008.

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