Improve Safety While Reducing Costs!

Would you like to move from a good safety culture to a great safety culture?

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This FREE Webinar highlights the most effective processes and most up-to-date technology used to produce safety incentive programs that improve safety while reducing costs. By viewing this Webinar you will learn first hand how to recognize and reward for both the actual performance of your workers as well as the proactive behaviors that lead to job safety improvement. You will also learn how you can use the same motivational techniques to address other safety related issues like retention, compliance, training, communication and wellness.

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The Webinar was hosted by Brian Galonek, President of All Star Incentive Marketing. Mr. Galonek is one of only 25 Certified Professionals of Incentive Marketing, and the former President of the Incentive Technology Council.

Seminar topics include:

I. Power of Incentives
• History
• Facts and Figures
• Overview of Psychology

II. Planning a Safety Incentive Program
• Design Components
• Process & Structure

III. Implementing a Safety Incentive Program
• 6 Keys to Success
• 4 Common Mistakes

IV. Proven Results: Allied Waste Case Study
• History & Challenges
• Solution: Propel for Safety
• Return on Incentive Investment ROI2

V. Summary & Resources

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The live event took place on Wednesday, 1/23/2008.