Savvy Companies Prepping Now for GHS

Jun 08, 2009

The process and MSDS changes required by the Globally Harmonized System will be in place soon, and smart managers are getting ready for them today, says Stier, president of SiteHawk, a Smyrna, Tenn.-based provider of Web-based software and managed services.

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) will bring about much-needed consistency in chemical classification, labeling, and hazard communication when the system is fully implemented worldwide. Many U.S. companies are already adapting the GHS format for their labels and Material Safety Data Sheets--for reasons that include greater safety and enhanced compliance, competitiveness, and efficiency, says Kim Stier, president of SiteHawk, which has provided chemical information management software and services to companies since 1993.

Duration: 4:57