Confined Space Entry: The Past, the Present, and the Future -- Where Do We Go From Here?


Keynote Presenter: Robert Brown, CIH, CSP

According to OSHA, confined spaces may be encountered in virtually any occupation, so recognizing them is the first step in preventing fatalities. Deaths in confined spaces often occur because the atmosphere is oxygen-deficient, toxic, or combustible, and OSHA requires that confined spaces containing or having the potential to contain a serious atmospheric hazard be classified as permit-required confined spaces and be tested before entry and continually monitored. Yet confined space fatalities persist, and would-be rescuers are frequently the victims.

Part of this is historical in the way we have dealt with confined spaces. Early on, we had limited guidance; later, we had guidance but lacked tools. Now, new tools are presenting themselves and we, as EHS professionals, must work with design, process engineers and other professionals to, whenever possible, prevent the necessity to enter any confined space.

About Robert
Robert Brown, CIH, CSP, Director of EH&S for G&G Risk Management Consultants, Inc., will discuss confined space identification, typical hazards, and the required precautions and preparations necessary for protecting entrants and rescuers alike, whether entry is necessary or where it can be avoided, in this virtual event's keynote presentation.


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